6 Best Tactics to improve Organic Traffic on your WordPress website

WordPress is the most powerful and easiest website builder that has marveled at the market today. Almost 43% of the web is developed on this platform. From e-Commerce to blogging to business, it is a versatile option. 

This platform is designed with high flexibility and usability. Hence, an excellent solution for small and large websites both. 

WordPress’s market share is 64.1% as of 2022 (Source). 

WordPress Market Share


Improve organic traffic on WordPress is crucial. You do not have to trick Google or mess with the system. You need to develop a site with optimized codes.

There is no golden button for this. You can manage it by following a few guidelines. Free support for your WordPress website from an established team is an added advantage. 

Please remember:-

Improving the organic traffic does not assure that your users are investing major time on your website. On the other hand, it will raise awareness about your business brand. In addition, it will nurture the trust of your targeted audience. You can see the improvement in user engagement, revenue, and conversion rate. 

You can continue to produce products and content that meet the anticipation of the user. 

6 Best Tactics to improve Organic Traffic 

1. Craft Good and High-Quality Content

You will not achieve anything if you do not have good content.

Content is the natural way to connect with new people. Hire content developers from a good digital marketing team. They help you to develop useful and comprehensive content. 

We will recommend you craft the content in a post series. You can have a connective content system. 

You must remember that the writing style plays a crucial role. Hence, must pay special attention to the tone of your content. It differs from one industry to another. 

Make sure to add fun elements to your content. For this, you can develop videos and implement your content strategy. 

2. Include Blogs

Including blogs is an effective way to improve organic traffic. The WordPress users (business) must pay special heed to this. You can rank well on Google if you have content-rich and high-performing blogs. 

It is also better to implement the trending keywords. This will boost organic traffic. 

Ensure to share all the relevant details on your WordPress website. These details can be your service/ product, business, etc. 

3. Breadcrumb navigation

It will allow you to improve the experience of your user on your WordPress site. With Breadcrumb navigation, you will provide your visitor with an immediate idea regarding the structure of the website. To be more precise, it will tell the exact location/ space where they are within the website structure.

In addition, Breadcrumb navigation will enable your user to browse through your WordPress site easily. It will also give another dimension to the appearance of your website in the SERP. Hence, will grow your organic traffic!!

4. Social media

The platforms of social media have become significant channels to maintain and build a strong presence. Hence, ensure to implement the features to the fullest.

Google understands the essentially of social existence. This is one of the critical signals to make your content rank. It will improve organic traffic.

5. Interlinking pages

Always ensure to create the interlinking for your website pages.  It is the best way to keep your visitors engaged with your website for a prolonged time. This will also enhance the engagement.

It will compel the readers to explore your WordPress website

6. Speed Optimization

The loading time of your web pages affects the search engine ranking. The user may get irritated if your page does not work properly. 

For instance, a visitor is checking your website….

It’s one second….!!

then two….. and likewise

Your visitors will leave then and there!! As per the study, 22.2% leave the website after five seconds. 

improve Organic Traffic


This percentage will rise after 7 sec. This study also elaborated on the pages viewed and the correlation between load times. 

So, ensure that your pages load quickly!

7. Responsive

Make sure that your Word Press website is responsive on various platforms, especially mobile phones.

Nowadays, Google ensures to rank those WordPress websites that are mobile responsive. So, consider checking this strategy before you move ahead. 

In a conclusion

It is prudent to improve organic traffic of the website on your WordPress website.. So, try experimenting with these effective methods and build your brand online. 

The above-mentioned strategies will help you to improve organic traffic. It will attract as many users. Please understand you will not get the expected results overnight. 

Hence, you need to be patient to attain the maximum benefit. Make sure to fix the contents that are not performing. Pay attention to the new trending keywords. 

Put on all the hard work so that you are featured in the snippets. 

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