Google Cloud Launches New AI Tools for Retailers

Google Cloud Presents New Artificial Intelligence Tools for Retailers

Google Cloud Presents New Artificial Intelligence Tools for Retailers

As part of the most recent improvements to Google Cloud, personalised search is being introduced to e-commerce websites by Google.

Google Cloud is releasing four new and updated artificial intelligence capabilities in order to improve the overall consumer experience of online shopping and to aid merchants with the management of their in-store inventories.

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An enhanced and individualised experience for searching and browsing on e-commerce websites.
A solution backed by AI that can check the stock on retail shelves.
An AI-driven product suggestion system.
A programme that sorts items for sale on websites by employing the principles of machine learning.
More information regarding each of the new tools is provided below.

Personalized Search and Browsing Capabilities for Online Retailers

An artificial intelligence-based application that can tailor the results that users view when searching and browsing an ecommerce website has been released by Google Cloud.

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The technology improves the capabilities of the existing Retail Search solution offered by Google Cloud and contributes to the development of an online shopping experience that is more streamlined and user-friendly.

The artificial intelligence that powers this new tool is able to determine the preferences of customers by examining their actions, such as the products they look at, add to their shopping carts, and ultimately buy.

This information is used to modify the search results and reorder the products in order to provide a more individualised and tailored experience. The customization is unique to the website of the retailer and is unrelated to the actions that the customer takes on Google.

Automation of Product Organization on E-Commerce Websites Using AI

E-commerce websites will benefit from an enhanced browsing and product discovery experience thanks to a new tool driven by artificial intelligence that is being introduced by Google Cloud.

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When customers choose a product category on a retailer’s website, this function employs machine learning to determine the most effective way to arrange the products in that category.

Traditionally, the product results on e-commerce sites have been sorted either by category bestseller lists or by manually produced collections. For example, based on the season, e-commerce companies have chosen which articles of apparel to highlight.

The artificial intelligence-driven system that Google developed uses a new tactic to improve the way things are categorised, and that tactic makes use of past data. This can improve not only relevancy and accuracy but also the likelihood of making a sale.

This application is now accessible to merchants as a part of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions provided by Google Cloud.

Recommendations for Products Generated by AI
Recent Improvements Made to Google Cloud’s Recommendations AI has the potential to make e-commerce websites even more dynamic, informative, and tailored for each unique customer.

Page-level optimization is a brand-new feature that gives the website the ability to calculate product recommendations in a way that is dynamically shown to shoppers.

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Because of this, the requirement for time-consuming user experience testing may be reduced, which in turn may result in increased user engagement and sales.

In addition, a newly added function for revenue optimization makes use of machine learning to provide product recommendations that are more effective, which could lead to an increase in income per user session.

The machine learning algorithm, which was developed in conjunction with DeepMind, takes into account the product categories, item prices, and user behaviour on an e-commerce website in order to identify the optimal balance between customer pleasure and the development of revenue.

A new approach called “buy it again” makes use of a customer’s previous purchases to make recommendations for additional follow-up purchases in the future.

All shops that use Google Cloud can now take advantage of these newly developed tools.

Checking Shelves Using Artificial Intelligence for Retail Stores

Retailers have been using a variety of shelf-checking technologies for quite some time, but their performance has been hindered by the resources required to construct artificial intelligence models that can differentiate and categorise products.

An artificial intelligence solution for checking shelves has been released by Google Cloud to assist shops in identifying products of all types at scale based purely on the visual and textual characteristics of the products.

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The data are converted into actionable insights by the technology, which can improve product availability, increase visibility into the existing inventory, and identify the locations that require restocking.

This technology is now in its testing phase, but it will very soon be available to merchants all around the world. Artificial intelligence is limited to the recognition of products and price tags, according to Google, and a retailer’s data and photographs will continue to be their property.

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