Privacy Policy

Personally identifiable information includes name, address, phone number, email address, fax number, social security number, financial profile, and credit card information. This does not include demographic or anonymously obtained information. collects what personally sensitive information? collects basic profile information from visitors and companies. We also gather authorized customers’ names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, business kind and size, and the size of the advertising inventory they wish to sell or buy.

How does our website use personal data? uses this information to design the website, offer appropriate services, and fulfill selling and buying requirements. We may email you with website sales and buying research or other information. We may contact authorized customers and visitors to answer questions or give requested information.

Who might see the data?

Demographics from visitors and approved customers may be shared. Affiliated agencies and third-party businesses receive such information. Customers can “opt out” of receiving communications from us or our agencies.

How does our website save personal data?

This information gathered on is securely stored and not available to third parties or our staff save for the use specified above.


We use cookies. Cookies collect visitor preferences and service selections. Cookies protect our Authorized customers. We log out authorised customers after 10 minutes of inactivity on the website. login usage?

We use login information, such as IP addresses, browser kinds, and ISPs, to analyze trends, track users’ movements and use, administer the site, and gather demographic information.

Legal Disclosure –

If subpoenaed, we will share customer and visitor information. We may also release the information to protect our visitors’ and customers’ information.

Changing the privacy policy—what happens?

Our website will notify users and customers of privacy policy updates. If our privacy policy updates reveal a person’s previously requested non-disclosure. We will contact such a consumer and information to prevent disclosure.

Before signing up, you must accept our privacy policy.